BlogPost Prompt | Access to Technology

This observation will require you to make a few inquires about all available technologies in the school that you or your students could use.  Please post this observation to your WebLog. (~300 words)

This inventory needs to address:

  • Who are the people at your school in charge of the technologies available to advance the learning of students? Identify as many of these people as possible:
    • Director of educational technology
    • Curriculum technology integration specialist
    • Technology maintenance?
    • Technology security personnel
    • Library media specialist
    • Others?
  • Details of what technology is available, where it’s located, quantities of technologies (i.e. is there a classroom set of iPads for the students to work with)?
  • Are the technologies readily available and are they in working order?  How do students and teachers gain access? Is there a means for reserving them? Are there required purchases by families?
  • What is the nature of the firewall blocking access to applications? Is there a process to transcend or move around the firewall? Who is in control? What is available and what is blocked and why?
  • Significantly, pay close attention to and document who you are speaking with.  What is their role or do they have a title? Who is able to direct you to the people with the most information? Who has the most and/or best information?


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