BlogPost 4: Analyzing and Integrating Still Images

Identify a lesson for which you would need to integrate still images to support the learning of your students. First, discuss why you believe still images can be helpful in this lesson. Use some of the resources below to support your analysis.

There are usually many, many images to choose from among the thousands available on the Internet pertaining to any subject. Choose 3 photographic images that accurately represent the content for the lesson. Applying your knowledge of photographic design principles and elements, analyze each photograph.

Next, turn to the table on p. 112 of Anstey and Bull (2006), read through the four (4) sections of questions for analyzing still images. To further your analysis of one of the images, answer one question from each of the four sections (4 questions in all).

Insert all three (3) images within your analysis in BlogPost4. (~300 words + 3 embedded images).

Resources: Visual Elements and Principles

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