Reflections about your students

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Closely observe the students in your ED386/ED586 placement. Describe how they interact with each other and with the cooperating teacher. As digital storytelling is often a collaborative project, pay special attention to small group learning experiences. What types of digital technology, hardware and software, are the students using in class?  Additionally, ask your students about their uses of digital and social media outside of school. Synthesize what we have been reading and discussing in class about student multimodal composition / digital storytelling with the unique small group dynamics and technology use in the classroom where you are observing. What are the pedagogical implications for the integration of digital storytelling / multimodal composition into a unit of study? (~ 250-300 words).

What did you learn about?

  • Your students
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Digital technology in school
  • Social media
  • Small group learning
  • Other

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