Reading/Discussing: Multimodal Workshop & TPACK

1. What are some FACTS or ideas from the reading that you recall?  Consider: Standards or workshop or TPaCK…..

2. Imagine you are observing and exploring at your school and your question is, what does the school have available for organizing a multimodal composition (MMC) workshop? What do you hope to find?  What might you settle for?

3.  What is your MMC TPaCK?  As the teacher, what is your entry point?  What do you want to work on?   

4. What are some parts of a MMC workshop? (Each part is referred to as a StoryCircle and these may include: StorytellingScripting | StoryboardRushes | Gallery 

5. How would you begin to organize and plan such a workshop?  What might distinguish a MMC workshop for young children? MC? AYA?

6. What do you know they already know? For example, technical skills?   

7. Or what about their MML?  |  VTS and the Common Core Standards        

8. Assuming that your students do not know everything they need to know for producing a MMC, what might make sense realistically as a focus for the first workshop?

9. Maybe this is the first workshop.  Now imagine the fifth workshop with these same students?

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