Digital Story Assessment Example

(Based on the example of Emphasis from The ix visualizing composition 2.0, 2e tutorial )

Dimension = Compositional Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.33.07 AM

Feature to Assess: Emphasis: Stress on certain element(s) to create importance or significance or to attract attention.

Assessment Question: In the image or design I’ve created, what is the emphasis? What elements of design did I use to create emphasis? How well did I create emphasis?

Assessment Statement: I used a multiplicity of visual elements to design emphasis into the poster including: size, color, contrast, proximity, and framing.

Performance Indicator(s)

  1. Is the emphasis evident?
  2. Were numerous design elements used to create emphasis?
  3. How well or how effective were the uses of each design element in the creation of emphasis?
  4. How well were the design elements used together in the creation of emphasis?

Levels of Performance

Describe three or four levels of performance or create an expository assessment of the effectiveness of the performance. What qualities distinguish readiness from maturing from emerging from budding levels of performance? And most importantly, how would you describe these in words?

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