Mediating Artifacts & Interaction Strategies

Morgan, M., Brickell, G., Harper, B. (2008). Applying distributed cognition theory to the redesign of the ‘Copy and Paste’ function in order to promote appropriate learning outcomes.  Computers & Education, 50(1), 125-147. [Focus on pages 125-132]

Resource: (Mediating Artifact) “Out in the Field”  | Technology Integration Observation Instrument

Concepts from Morgan, M., Brickell, G., Harper, B. (2008):

Discussion | Interaction Strategies

“This study is particularly concerned with the effect of interaction strategies that have been embedded into the interface of the tools that learners employ.” (p. 129)

  1. Potential interaction strategies in a graphic organizer: Compare & Contrast
  2. Analysis of the interaction strategy implicit in a given protocol: A Gallery Walk
  3. Analysis of a video lesson: Exploring Emigration: Maps & Migration : Using maps and technology to explore geography /Grades 6-8, Social Studies.