Identify a provocative news photograph and post it to the center of your Lino page. Do NOT use a photograph that has text.

We will share our photographs in gallery fashion, each photograph on its own workstation. During gallery time, consider everyone’s photograph. On the Lino of each photograph, compose a captionsidebar or write some textual element into the photograph.

Now consider the news photograph you posted with the textual elements worked into it by your classmates. Select three that you prefer.

Working with a simple digital photo-editing app, reproduce your photograph with the textual elements worked into it by your classmates.  DO NOT alter  or otherwise embellish the photograph or the textual elements much beyond the intended and original work of your classmates.

You now have three versions of your photograph (a triptych). The meaning of each is constrained by some form of text.

Analyze the triptych:

  • How has the meaning of the photograph been constrained / anchored through this process?
  • Alternatively, how might the process of signification (meaning making) relay across all three photographs?

Prepare to present and discuss your photograph with the class.