Blog Post | Digital Storytelling Lesson Description

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Please author a brief description (~250 words) of the lesson or unit of study associated with the digital story you plan to produce. Please include the following:

  1. Cooperating/Mentor Teacher and School (If applicable)
  2. The title of the unit of study
  3. The name or type of course that the unit is part of.
  4. Context of the Learning Environment | Describe key dimensions of the learning environment: e.g. number, grade of students, an overview sense of important individual differences (class, race, gender, ability, etc.) and
  5. Describe available technology for digital storytelling and the types of digital technology, hardware and software, students are already using in class.
  6. Description of this unit of study and how digital storytelling fits into the overall purpose and flow of the unit.
  7. In your own words, list the most important 1-3 specific objectives/goals you have for student learning during this unit of study. State the particular concepts you expect students to understand and/or the skills/behaviors you want them to demonstrate. Use one of the following stem phrases: a) Students will be able to ….  Or b) “I can statements” framed from the students’ point of view.