BlogPost1 | Introductions

For Your initial post to your weblog, please address the following questions:

BlogPost 1CLASS SURVEY  (This first post includes six (6) questions)

Personal information
1. What is your first name? Please use your preferred name, nick name, etc. Do you have preferred pronouns?

2.  Where are you from?

3. What are you into; what makes you special? Share a few “unique” aspects about yourself that would help our classroom community get to know you a bit. Are you on an athletic team? Sing in the choir?  Are you trying out for a play? Painting? What are you planning on doing this semester in your life that is noteworthy?

Learning Style and more:
4. Being as specific as you can, what must be in place for you to feel comfortable taking intellectual and creative risks in a course?

What have you been reading?

5. I want to know what matters most to you about education. To this end, please share with the class an essay that is essential to your interests/concerns as a preservice teacher. (Include the reference to the essay [chapter, article, website] and a few sentences about its significance to you).

About Dr. Shutkin:

6. Write down a question or two that you would like to ask about me or the class.