Reading Bolter Writing Bolter Linking Bolter

What if we created a shared hypertext in class based on our readings of Bolter’s essay? It might work something like this:

Part One

I assign a section of the chapter to each person in class:
  1. Hypertext;
  2. Hypermedia; or
  3. The First Hypertexts

Part Two

  1. Take fifteen minutes to read/review your assigned section;
  2. While you are reading, make connections between your assigned section, your curricular discipline and grade level interests: For example what lesson plan ideas, teaching, learning, books, ideas for using the Internet come to mind?;
  3. On your website, create  a new web page called “Bolter;”
  4. On your “Bolter” page, Write a paragraph discussing and describing the connections you made;
  5. Include a visual that contributes to the development of the paragraph.

Part Three

  1. Reads everybody else’s paragraphs, and
  2. Create hyperlinks from words and/or images in your text to other people’s texts where you perceive or understand there to be a connection.
  3. [NOTE: From any one’s homepage just add /bolter to the end of the address to get to their Bolter page.]

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