Build Your WebLog

Workshop One

  1. Please visit
  2. Make an account and check your email to verify your account information;
  3. Domain name: A domain name is what people type into their browser to visit your site. It MUST be one word or a series of words with NO SPACES. The Domain name for the ED386 website is dshutkinedtech and the address is
  4. Title, Tag and Icon your blog: My Sites >>Customize>>Site Identity >> Site Title, Tagline (optional) >>Publish [Please include your first name in your Site title]
  5. Make your Blog public: My Sites >>Settings>>>>General>>Privacy>> Save Settings (However, there is no reason for you to compromise your comfort or privacy.  Choose to be as descriptive as you want.  Please do not include telephone numbers or home addresses, etc.)screen shot 2019-01-16 at 1.40.57 pm
  6. How to compose and publish a blogpost: Follow the red arrow and click the [WRITE] icon in the upper right corner of your weblog or follow this link to a long and protracted tutorial.  WordPress tutorial –>  [Get Published Create posts…]

Workshop Two

  1. Most themes come with a page named “blog.” If you have such a page, use it for your weblog. If you do not have a blog page, follow these instructions –> My Sites >> Add [just to the right of Site Pages] >> Choose a name such as “weblog,” or “journal,” or “post page,” etc.
  2. Do you have a “Contact” page on your menu?  “Contact” page is a special page that visitors to your blog can use to send you an email.  The email will land in your JCU email in box. If you do not have a contact page, follow these instructions –> My Sites >> Add [just to the right of Site Pages] >> Name this page something like: Send me an Email>> + Add [upper left of tool bar]>>Contact form>>delete the “website” field >>Insert>>Publish.
  3. To edit the primary menu: My Sites>>Customize>>Menus>>Primary menu>>+Add menu item (From the list, add the Blog page and the Contact page)>>Publish;
  4. Add some Widgets  [Add Widgets to a Sidebar and NOT a Footer.  If your theme does not support sidebars, it’s time to pick a new theme: My Sites>>Themes>>in search bar enter: column:left-sidebar or column:right-sidebar]
    • “Image” : My Sites >>Customize>> Widgets>> Sidebar>> (Select the “Image” widget). Then, upload and edit an image of yourself and title it with your name). Select: done and publish.
    • “Latest Posts”: My Sites >> Themes>>Customize>> Widgets>> Save Settings   (Select the widget and edit the title to reflect the purpose for the widget).  Select: done and publish.
    • “Blogs I Follow” :  My Sites >>Customize>> Widgets>> Sidebar>> (Select the “Blogs I follow” widget.  (Follow ~20 blogs to include everyone in class.  Select “grid” to display classmates pics or “list” just to list them).  Select: done and publish.

Blogs I Follow code: <!– wp:legacy-widget {“idBase”:”jp_blogs_i_follow”,”instance”:{“encoded”:”YTo0OntzOjU6InRpdGxlIjtzOjE3OiJFdmVyeW9uZSdzIFdlYmxvZyI7czo2OiJudW1iZXIiO2k6NTA7czo3OiJ1c2VyX2lkIjtpOjQ5NTE2OTYzO3M6NzoiZGlzcGxheSI7czo0OiJncmlkIjt9″,”hash”:”27c1fb860dd93e49ed01b2d599702a66″}} /–>

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