Common Sense Education Apps & Affordances


When using Learning Activity Types (LAT) to design technologically enhance learning experiences (TELEs) you will notice that LATs are organized in a table by activity type, brief description and possible technologies. The possible technologies are distinguished by type and in some instances by specific examples of one type or another. (The example that follows is from the Social Studies Learning Activity Types).

A. Please visit the Learning Activity Types (LAT) website to review one of the subjects/disciplines, such as k-6 Literacy or Science, etc. Identify one or two LATs that you want to plan with and note the associated type(s) of possible technologies. Jot down a few notes:

B. With this information, visit Common Sense Education and their “Ed Tech Reviews.” This section of their website is divided into two primary sections: Top Picks Lists and EdTech Reviews. Both open as searchable databases where you can refine your search by grade and by subject. The Top Picks Lists are organized by type of possible technology, as well.

C. Match the type of technology associated with your selected LAT with the type of technology associated with Common Sense Education’s Top Picks Lists. Select a technology (digital application) that associates well with the LAT(s). Consider what Common Sense Education has to say and then visit the application’s website to learn some more. Jot down a few notes:

D. The implicit connection between a particular LAT and a possible technology is the affordances of the technology. At least some of these affordances can be identified by reading the descriptive and applied information. Jot down those affordances that connect with the LAT:

E. Describe (Jot down a few notes):

  1. How you assume your students will interact with these affordances, and
  2. How you assume this interaction will advance their learning.