Digital Storytelling Assessment

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Story Circle Two – Digital Storytelling Assessment

We will explore assessment in the context of digital storytelling. Indeed, for this digital storytelling exploration, you are required to develop assessment criteria and/or a rubric for assessing the digital story that you produce. For this exploration, you will assess your digital story using the assessment you developed.*

[What to assess — digital story assessment traits]

One of the main reasons why digital storytelling isn’t integrated effectively is because teachers are often at a loss for how to assess student learning associated with the production of a digital story.

Create a new post as part of your Digital Storytelling exploration

On this post, include the criteria and/or assessment rubric that you develop to assess  your digital story web page. The criteria you develop will be based on your understanding of the digital storytelling process, the digital story that you developed, and ideas emerging from your thoughtful consideration of course readings and class discussions. (~250 words)

Ohler, J. (2013) Chapter 4: Assessing Digital Stories.  Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin. pp. 83-91.

*After your digital story is completed, published to YouTube, and embedded in your ePortfolio, and after your StoryCircle time to share your digital story in class, your assessment of your digital story is due. Just after your StoryCircle time, use the assessment that you have created for this exploration to assess your digital story. This is NOT to be posted publicly on your WebLog. Instead, turn it in to me privately.  I will respond in writing to your assessment and post the credit you’ve earned for this exploration to your grade sheet.