Digital Storytelling Deliverables

Introductory thoughts / Objective / Rationale Deliverables | Learning Circles | Script & Storyboard | Assessment | Resources | Readings

This is a rather involved exploration of digital storytelling requiring you to produce a range of documents

  1. BlogPost | Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum
  2. Field Observation I | Teachers and Students Using Classroom Technologies
  3. Blog Posts | Digital Storytelling Script & Storyboard
  4. Field Observation II | Access to Technology
  5. Digital Storytelling Assessment
  6. Digital Story | Upload your digital story to your JCU or other YouTube channel. From here you can obtain an embed code for your digital story.  Embed your multimodal composition (digital story) to the digital story page of your ED386 ePortfolio 
  7. Your Digital Story Assessment | Assess your digital story using the assessment you developed. (To be turned in privately).