Digital Storytelling | Objectives

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  • Actively engage in a digital storytelling workshop;
  • Produce a digital story about yourself learning with technology;
  • Integrate still and/or moving images, dialogue and/or voice over narration, text, music and other sound effects;
  • Demonstrate your understanding of how to integrate digital storytelling into a unit of study.


For our digital storytelling exploration, I invite you to produce a digital story about yourself learning with technology and how you experience that learning. Through your digital story, show the moment of learning. Design and produce a multimodal composition as a first person narrative exploration and documentation of [the process of] you learning with technology. My intention is twofold: to focus your attention on the pedagogy of digital storytelling and experiences of learning with tools and other people.

In a formal learning environment such as school and with an explicit emphasis on digital technology, how do you learn? Whether it’s a lecture, a small group discussion, or a lab, how do you experience events that are designed to advance your learning? How does the physical classroom and the material things in it contribute to the learning environment and to your experiences of learning “during class”? How do you experience learning during class? What are you doing during class when you are learning? What are you doing with tools when you are learning? What’s it like being part of a small group discussion or a lecture? How do you prepare for class with tools? How do you prepare your study environment with tools and other materials for learning? Do you study by yourself and/or in small groups? What is the learning environment like where you study? Is it quiet or noisy, public or private? Do you study in bed, at the library, at a coffee shop? Is it a comfortable environment? Is it an efficient environment? What material things, from digital technologies to pillows, do you surround yourself with to support your learning? How do you use these things? Broadly conceived, these things can be analog or digital and aren’t limited to pencils, markers, books, eBooks, videos, simulations, games, graphics, calculators, word processors, spread sheets, or pillows. How do you learn in this environment? When do you know that you have learned something?

Expectations for your digital story will be:

  • An autobiographical exploration of learning; a first person multimodal narrative of yourself learning with technology.
  • Between ~3 and ~ 4 minutes. (Shorter videos struggle to make their point and longer videos are beyond the scope of this exploration).
  • Conform, more or less, to the StoryCenter approach to digital Storytelling
  • An individual project with the support of a small group, your production crew.