Ed Tech Current Events

Current Events in Educational Technology |Extra Credit

(Extra Credit added to WeBlog Average +.2 grade point/current event shared) 

  1. Identify an article addressing a topical issue in PK-12 Educational Technology from a recent publication (within a week of class date), or
  2. Demonstrate a meaningful PK-12 technology application and discuss how you might integrate this APP into your class, and
  3. Prior to class, send the article/APP to Dr. Shutkin indicating that you want to share a current event, and
  4. Present and discuss with the class, and
  5. Earn .2 grade point/current event shared, and
  6. Current events can be shared up to ten (10) times throughout the semester, and
  7. Credit will be added to your weblog average, and
  8. Your name will be added to the current events cue for the next class, and
  9. If there is not enough time for you to share on a given day, your place in the cue will be retained until the next current affairs segment of class, and
  10. During a current events segment of class, if and only if you were in the cue from a previous day, can you share a second current event on a given day.