F18 Week Three Agenda


  • Field Placements
  • Assignment Due  13 September : WordPress ePortfolios 
  • Assignment Due  14 September: BlogPost Video Games (Just an initial post) 
  • ePortfolio Assessment Checklist
  • Readings for Tuesday 18 September:  
    • Kohn, A. (2011) Poor Teaching for Poor Children … in the Name of Reform. Education Week.
    • Richard, G. (2017). Video Games, Gender, Diversity, and Learning as Cultural Practice. Educational Technology57(2), 36-43.

Newsworthy:  Open Letter to Ohio Department of Education concerning computer-graded exams | Shaker Heights English teachers.

Reading: Gee, J.P. (2007) Good video games, the human mind, and good learning. pp. 22-44.

Q & A:


  • Introduction to the Gee reading | a few concepts
  1. Simulations
  2. Affordances
  3. Distributed Intelligence & Off-loading 
  4. Forcing our students to learn vs. Dumbing down the learning 
  5. Drill & Practice 

Viewing: James Paul Gee on Learning with Video Games

In class small groups: 

  1. In class small groups: Video Games and Learning Principles 
  2. Explore some of these games: