F18 Week Two Agenda

Video Games  

Part I


  • Thursday | 6 September Inauguration of Dr. Michael Johnson, John Carroll University President — No Class
  • Tuesday | 11 September  Rosh Hashanah — Happy New Year 5779! — No Class
  • Field Placements
  • Assignment Due  13 September : WordPress ePortfolios 
  • Assignment Due  14 September: BlogPost Video Games (Just an initial post) 
  • ePortfolio Assessment Checklist
  • If you do not see your picture on the ED386 Syllabus home page, please send me a link to your ePortfolio

Reading: Gee, J.P. (2007) Good video games, the human mind, and good learning. pp. 22-44.

Blog Post Introductions (cont.)



  1. Simulations  You build simulations to understand the world and make sense of things, but also to help you prepare for action in the world…”  James Gee, 2007, 23-24
  2. Affordances  “An affordance is a feature of the world (real or virtual) that will allow for a certain action to be taken, but only if it is matched by an ability in an actor who has the wherewithal to carry out such an action.” James Gee, 2007, 25
  3. Distributed Intelligence & Off-loading  “Writing, digital computers, and networks each allow us to externalize some functions of the mind.” James Gee, 2007, 26 (offloading, 27)
  4. Forcing our students to learn vs. Dumbing down the learning (Is this really our only choice)? 28
  5. Drill & Practice (10-15 minutes/week and no more…) 30

Viewing: James Paul Gee on Learning with Video Games

In class small groups: 

  1. In class small groups: Video Games and Learning Principles 
  2. Explore some of these games:

Part II

Thursday 6 September |  Inauguration of Dr. Michael Johnson, John Carroll University President — No Class