10 Hours of Field Experience Required

Course Description:  Theories and practical techniques concerning technology in educational contexts. Includes exploration of emerging technologies and selection, production, and integration of educational materials. Lab fee required. Prerequisite: formal acceptance into the teacher education program. Co-requisite: ED325, ED330 or ED337. Lab fee required.

Description of the Field Component:  This 10 hour field experience coordinates with the candidate’s course in educational technology, ED386 or ED586. JCU teaching candidates will be placed at a local school determined by a co-requisite course (ED325, ED330 or ED337) and/or by their intended licensure area. This experience will consist of observing instruction and interviewing teachers and students. Observation experiences will be assigned by Dr. Shutkin in association with course assignments.  These are NOT self-directed observations.

Candidate Responsibilities:

Informed by course discussions, readings and classroom learning experiences, candidates will:

  1. Spend a minimum of 10 hours at the site over the course of the semester.
  2. Conduct a survey to collect data about the digital literacies of the students in their cooperating classrooms. For this project, candidates will give special attention to comparing and contrasting how students use digital technologies in and out of school.  Candidates will consider the pedagogic, literacy, and communications implications for the design of technologically enhanced learning environments.
  3. Produce a series of digital vignettes about the mediation effects of classroom technologies on the learning experiences of students. These digital vignettes will be based on detailed field observations of student engagement in technologically enhanced learning environments.
  4. Design a technologically enhanced learning experience (TELE) based on candidate’s emergent technological, pedagogical content knowledge of the cooperating classroom, students and, available technologies.

In addition, candidates:

  • Engage in in-class activities suggested by the cooperating teacher.
  • Might do other kinds of activities related to educational technology as suggested by cooperating teacher.
  • Find times that are mutually convenient to meet and discuss the experiences with cooperating teacher.

Cooperating Teachers Responsibilities:

  • Verify the candidate’s fulfillment of required hours.
  • Provide time to talk with the candidate regarding observations and interactions within the classroom and the wider school community.
  • Provide the candidate with opportunities to interact with individuals and small groups of students.
  • Complete an end of the semester feedback form for the candidate and the university focusing on candidate performance and quality of the experience.
  • Sign the Verification of Field Experiences-Candidates fill in this form at the conclusion of each school visit indicating the time spent at the school.
  • Complete the Field Experience Evaluation Form.

Lisa Sugar, Field Placement Coordinator

Forms and Handouts


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