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For this assignment, please create a series of blog posts (3-5) documenting your experiences learning to play a new video game.* Also include reflections on your lived experiences playing other games. In your blog posts, and as you describe your learning experiences, refer to the learning principles and strategies discussed in the Gee reading and other course readings such as The MindShift Guide to Digital Games & Learning that you and your group select. As part of the narrative, please integrate original screen shots of the video game(s) you are learning to play.

[Hint: Allow yourself to invest some monetary resources into this project. Pitching in with your learning circle, $5.00 can go a very long way.]

You will form a learning circle for this assignment and are required to create a threaded discussion by replying to the blog posts made by your peers in your learning circle. These replies should be of the same level of thoughtful engagement as your original blog posts.

Thus, working independently but also as part of a learning circle, if you do not understand something, post a question to your blog. If you do understand everything, then share what you know. Further, you have a responsibility to contribute to your learning circle by answering or attempting to answer a question asked by someone else and/or by thoughtfully commenting on what others have posted. (Short essays and replies ~ 150 words/post or ~1500 words for the entire exploration).

It’s fine to try on ideas. This is not about knowing everything. Instead, this is about our shared journey to build a socio-technical community of learning.

*The first blog post for the video gaming exploration receives additional credit as a blog post. It has a due date that precedes the due date for the video gaming exploration.