Getting started with Mindomo

With the School access code you will be able to join our JCU Education license in 3 easy steps:

  1. Please go to our signup page and create a Student account:
  2. Confirm the account by using the link to the email address added when signing up
  3. Log in to the Mindomo account and then select the Join School  option, add the School Access Code –> DDPwz and click on “Join”:

If you have already created a Mindomo account follow these steps: log in, click on your initials on the top right side of your dashboards, select Join School and fill in the School Access Code –> DDPwz. You will be automatically added to our JCU Education license. When you are added to our license, your account will automatically be upgraded to premium.

Mindomo Collaborative Groups

Each student will access and join the assignment with the email and password of his current Mindomo account. (If you don’t have an account yet, provide an email and set a password. A new account will be crated for you and you will be able to work on this assignment and other mind maps too.

How will this assignment work?

  1. Students need to click on ‘Start Assignment’, and form one or more groups.
  2. They will be automatically taken to their new mind map(s)/ clones of your mind map that they will have to further develop.
  3. How will students form their groups?
    1. When the first student clicks on ‘Start Assignment’, a panel will appear, enabling him/her to create the first group.
    2. When the next students will click on ‘Start Assignment’, each of them will have two options:Join an existing group by selecting it or Create a new group
    3. After choosing one of the options and clicking on ‘Start Assignment’, students will be able to start their work.

To Join the Mindomo Assignment

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Enter this Access Code = MhIpF

Overview from Mindomo –> Features (affordances) you need for you to get started with Mindomo

Integrate mind maps in your work process to improve brainstorming, strategic planning, thinking outside the box, problem-solving, decision making, and more.

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