mLearning Directions

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Create an mLearning page linked to the main menu of your ePortfolio

On this page:

  • Author a brief statement (~100 words) to introduce your readers to this exploration.
  • Link this ePortfolio page to your mLearning application.
  • Link this ePortfolio page to your mLearning discussion page (see below)

Create a second WordPress Website where you will build your mLearning Application

  1. Click on the “W” My Site icon in upper left corner of your ED386 WordPress website;
  2. Select, “My Sites;” >> + Add New Site; | If you have more than one site already:  “My Sites;” >> <– Switch Site >> + Add New Site (at bottom of list)
  3. Follow instructions from initial ePortfolio assignment for building a new website. Of course the actual pages needed will be quite different. (See: below)
  4. Carefully choose the WordPress theme for your Mobile App! As you are building your mobile app, view it on a smart phone or tablet to make sure that it is user-friendly.

Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 12.50.45 PMSome themes are designed for computers, tablets and smart phones. Look for the image to the right when selecting a theme.]