Project Tomorrow Survey Questions

From the Ohio 2012 Survey: Middle School Survey

** What is the name of your school?

1. What grade are you in?

2. Gender

4. Mobile devises

5. When you are outside of school, what access do you have to the Internet?

6. Which of these things do you regularly do for schoolwork? (Check all that apply)

7. How often do you use resources or content from the Internet to help you with your schoolwork?

8. Besides not having enough time in your school day, what are the major obstacles to using technology in your school? (check all that apply)

9. How could your school make it easier for you to use technology for schoolwork? (check all that apply)

10. How much do you agree with this statement: My school is doing a good job of using technology to enhance my learning. (select one)

11. Many schools are exploring how to leverage mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers (iPads) to improve student achievement. How would you use a mobile device to help you with your schoolwork? (check all that apply)

12. Does your school allow students to use their own mobile devices at school? (Check all that apply)

13. What device do you think would be the best to use for each of these schoolwork tasks?

*Access an online textbook

*Check grades and other info on the school portal

*Collaborate on a school project

*Communicate with classmates

*Communicate with teachers

*Create a presentation

*Create a video

*Do Internet research

*Read a book or article

*Take an online class

*Take notes in class

*Update Facebook

*Use Twitter

*Watch a video

* write a report

16 In some schools, teachers are creating videos of their lectures and lessons and their students are watching those videos as homework. Students then spend class time doing projects and experiments, and getting individualized coaching from the teacher. How much do you agree with this statement: This would be a good way for me to learn.

20 Does your school allow students to access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media tools during the school day?

21 Which of these social media tools or applications do you use outside of school? (check all that apply)

22 Thinking about all of the things that you do online for both school and your own personal lives, how many different sites are you registered or have accounts on?

23 Which of these statements do you agree with? (check all that apply)

24 Which of these have been problems for kids at your school? (check all that apply)

25 In the past year, which of these things have you done on your own (not teacher directed) to improve your education? (check all that apply)

26 What if you no longer had access to the Internet anywhere for a month? Would that have a negative impact on your life? (Check all that apply)

27 Imagine you are designing the ultimate school. Which of these tools would have the greatest positive impact on your learning? (Check all that apply)

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