TPACK Digital Resources

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3. TPACK Digital Resources (1x)

Include in your design at least three significant web and/or technology resources to be used by your students or you during the TELE (Not including technologies to be used for formative assessment):

  • Consult the TPACK learning activity types;
  • Technology resources such as Apps, probes, etc.;
  • Video clips;
  • Virtual field trip;
  • Interactive learning technologies: E-books, simulations, video games, etc.;
  • Original source materials such as documents, letters, diaries, photographs, etc.;
  • Informational website;
  • And so forth.

Create a webliography to include for each website/technology. (For technology resources such as apps or probes, etc., include links to descriptive websites):

  • Name of Website;
  • Web Address;
  • One or two paragraph description of its significance for your TELE.