Video Games and Learning Principles

Prepare a Brief (5 minute) Overview of each of your Learning Principles:

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  • In class learning experience | Video Games & Learning Principles
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  • [Note: Your audience is fellow students in class who want to know why this is a relevant learning/teaching principle];

  • Define / Explain your learning principle (Carefully consider the full educational description of the learning principle);

  • Is your learning principle evident in any of the games/simulations we’ve discussed as a class?

  • If so, how? If not, why not? (additional/alternative digital examples can be used as well);

  • Based on your learning principle, briefly describe a learning experience for your grade level and/or discipline.

I. Empowered Learners

1. Co-design |

2. Customize |

3. Identity |

4. Manipulation and Distributed Knowledge |

II. Problem Solving

5. Well- Ordered Problems |

6. Pleasantly Frustrating |

7. Cycles of Expertise |

8. Information “On Demand” and “Just in Time” |

 9. Fish Tanks |

10. Sandboxes |

11. Skills as Strategies |

III. Understanding

12. System Thinking |

 13. Meaning as Action Image |