Video Games

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Assignment Due Friday 30 September |  Video Game Exploration


We will be exploring the pedagogical potential of video games. Are there sound reasons for using video games to advance the learning of our students? Further, as educators, what can we learn about the design of learning experiences from an analysis of video games? Of course, to explore and consider these ideas, we need to learn and play new video games.

Video games have unique characteristics that distinguish this medium of educational technology from both simulations and drill and practice courseware. For this exploration, we will critique the limitations and assumptions of drill and practice courseware. We will also explore pedagogical strengths of simulations. When choosing a video game to learn and analyze, be sure NOT to pick drill and practice courseware.

This unit invites you to research the availability, quality and purpose of video games in your content area and/or that are developmentally appropriate for your students.

While there are unique challenges to the integration of video games, as a distinct form of educational technology, in the context of video gaming and more generally as well, this exploration considers how to plan, design and execute the integration of digital technology.

Guiding this exploratory will be the work of James Gee, Kurt Squire and other scholars in the fields of socio-linguistics and educational technology.

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