WebLog Assignments

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I will present questions or prompts to guide your blogs. The form of any given blog post that you produce is limited only by available technology and can include, separately or in any multimodal combination: textual, audio, photographic or videographic information. You are welcome to mix and EMBED a YouTube video with a Pixton comic strip and/or a TimeToast timeline, and so forth. To further the development of your blog posts, you are also welcome to LINK support materials and resources such as links to informational websites, video games, simulations, images and/or videos.

  1. Blog Post Introductions
  2. First post about video gaming
  3. Teachers and Students Using Classroom Technologies
  4. Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum
  5. Digital Storytelling Script 
  6. Digital Storytelling Storyboard
  7. Digital Storytelling Assessment
  8. Access to Technology

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