VTS & the Common Core Standards

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) VTS Facilitation Method 101 In VTS discussions, teachers support student growth by facilitating discussions of carefully selected visual texts. Teachers are asked to use three open-ended questions: What's going on in this picture? What do you see that makes you say that? What more can we find? Three Facilitation Techniques: Paraphrase … Continue reading VTS & the Common Core Standards

Amazing Readings to Consider Seriously

Morgan, M., Brickell, G., Harper, B. (2008). Applying distributed cognition theory to the redesign of the ‘Copy and Paste’ function in order to promote appropriate learning outcomes.  Computers & Education, 50(1), 125-147. Morgan, et. al. (2008) "...learners need to be encouraged to undertake re-crafting of their environment to assist them in their cognitive activities, thereby developing and … Continue reading Amazing Readings to Consider Seriously