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Week One | Introductions, ePortfolios & Video Games 

Wednesday | 18 January

Course Introductions

Introductions: You and me & Blog Post 1

Workshop: WordPress I

Noteworthy: Course Readings: Available online through the library’s electronic reserves.

Friday 20 January: Assignment Due: BlogPost 1

Week Two | Video Games

Wednesday |  25 January

Reading: Gee, J.P. (2007) Good video games, the human mind, and good learning. pp. 22-44.

Friday 27 January Assignment Due: WordPress ePortfolio & BlogPost 2

Week Three | Video Gaming & Mobile Learning

Wednesday | 1 February

Noteworthy | Exploration IntroductionsMobile Learning (What do you know? What do you want to know? What can you find right now?  Let’s have a look around…)


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Week Four | Mobile Learning  

Wednesday | 8 February

Reading: Martin, F., Pastore, R., & Snider, J. (2012). Developing Mobile Based Instruction. Techtrends: Linking Research & Practice To Improve Learning56(5), 46-51.

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Friday 10 February Assignment Due:  Video Game Exploration

Week Five | Mobile Learning, Multimodal Literacy & Digital Storytelling

Wednesday |15 February



Friday 17 February Assignment Due: Mobile Learning including BlogPost3

Week Six | Multimodal Literacy & Digital Storytelling

Wednesday | 22 February


Monday 27 February Assignment Due: BlogPost 4

Week Seven | Place Based Education & Digital Storytelling  

Wednesday | 1 March


  • Demarest, A. (2015) Chapter 3: Personal Connections are the foundation of all learning. Place-based Curriculum Design. New York : Routledge.
  • Lambert, J. (2012) Chapter 5: Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling, Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community. (4th Edition). Routledge : New York, NY. pp. 53-69.


Friday 3 March |  Assignment Due: Blog Post 5: Reflections about your students 

Spring Break 3-12 March No Class

Monday 13 March |  Assignment Due: Blog Post 5: Reflections about your students 

Week Eight |  Digital Storytelling & Workshop

Wednesday | 15 March

Reading: Lambert, J. (2012) Chapter 7: Approaches to the Scripting Process & Chapter 8: Storyboarding, Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community. (4th Edition). Routledge : New York, NY. pp. 88-101.

Resource: WeVideo Academy — video editing tutorials


Week Nine |  Digital Storytelling Workshop, Scripts, Storyboards & Assessment

Wednesday | 22 March

Reading: Ohler, J. (2013) Chapter 4: Assessing Digital Stories.  Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin. pp. 83-91.

Assignment Due: (for class): Blog Post 6: Story Circle One – Script & Storyboard


Week Ten | Digital Storytelling Workshop & Assessment

Wednesday | 29 March

Reading: –> please review last section on Audio:  Ohler, J. (2013) Chapter 14: Media Grammar for Teachers.  Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. pp. 226-244.

Assignment Due: (in class): Blog Post 7: Digital Storytelling Assessment Rubric


Week Eleven | Digital Storytelling & Distributed Cognition

Wednesday | 5 April

Reading: Salomon, G. & Perkins, D. (2005) Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification With, Of and Through Technology

Assignment Due: Digital Storytelling Exploration


Week Twelve  

 Easter Break Wednesday | 12 April (No class, Friday classes meet)


Week Thirteen | Distributed Cognition 

Wednesday | 19 April

Reading: Martin, L. (2012). Connection, Translation, Off-Loading, and Monitoring: A Framework for Characterizing the Pedagogical Functions of Educational Technologies. Technology, Knowledge & Learning17(3), 87-107. (part 1: pp.87-96, end of section 2).

Friday 21 April Assignment Due: Blog Post 8: Field Observations A+B


Week Fourteen | TPACK Design 

Wednesday | 26 April

Reading: Mishra, P. & Koehler, J. (2006). Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge. Teachers College Record108(6), 1017-1054. (Please prepare pp. 1017-1031).


Friday 28 April: Assignment Due: Distributed Cognition Exploration

Week Fifteen |  TPACK Design

Wednesday | 3 May


  • Harris, J., Hofer, M. Schmidt, D., Blanchard, M, Young, C., Grandgenett, N. and Van Olphen, M. (2010) “Grounded” Technology Integration: Instructional Planning Using Curriculum-Based Activity Type Taxonomies. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. 18(4), 573-605.
  • The Learning Activity Types Web Site


TPACK Design

Final Exam Schedule

Course Summary

Final Exam: Wednesday | 10 May | 6:00-7:50

Assignment Due in class:  TPACK Design (Spring 2017: Print copy of your TELE/TPACK design required)

Final Exam Schedule


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