Week 13w Agenda

TPACK Design 


  • BPs 7-9 and Digital Storytelling Exploration
  • Final Exam:  | 9 May 6:00-7:50  Wednesday | Assignment Due in class:  TPACK Design 
  • Verification of Field Experiences (Blue Sheets) Candidates fill in this form at the conclusion of each school visit indicating the time spent at the school.
  • iOS: Understanding ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ (Instructions for erasing all content and settings for your iPad are available from the above link. If you want access to any of the information in the future, make sure you have an iCloud or iTunes backup and that it is up to date before erasing.  The erase process should take just a few minutes. iPads are to be turned in prior to Friday 27 April AFTER you have successfully erased all content and settings).

Readings on TPACK (Review)

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