Week Eleven Agenda | ED386 ED586

Week Eleven: From Digital Storytelling to Distributed Cognition  

Wednesday 5 April 

Assignment Due: Digital Storytelling Exploration

Reading: Salomon, G. & Perkins, D. (2005) Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification With, Of and Through Technology


  • Introduction: Distributed Cognition 
  • Now is a good time to plan for your Distributed Cognition Observations
  • No Class Next Week 12, Happy Easter
  • Reading for Week 13: Martin, L. (2012). Connection, Translation, Off-Loading, and Monitoring: A Framework for Characterizing the Pedagogical Functions of Educational Technologies. Technology, Knowledge & Learning17(3), 87-107. (part 1: pp.87-96, end of section 2).
  • Friday 21 April Assignment Due: Blog Post 8: Field Observations A+B
  • Does Technology Make You Smarter — Thinking with Salomon & Perkins (2005)

Viewing: Your Digital Stories