Week Eleven Agenda

Part I |  Digital Storytelling Gallery & Assessment and Distributed Cognition


  • Assignment Due: Digital Storytelling Exploration
  • Reading for 10 April: Martin, L. (2012). Connection, Translation, Off-Loading, and Monitoring: A Framework for Characterizing the Pedagogical Functions of Educational Technologies. Technology, Knowledge & Learning17(3), 87-107. (part 1: pp.87-96, end of section 2).
  • Reading for 12 April: Harris, J., Hofer, M. Schmidt, D., Blanchard, M, Young, C., Grandgenett, N. and Van Olphen, M. (2010) “Grounded” Technology Integration: Instructional Planning Using Curriculum-Based Activity Type Taxonomies. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. 18(4), 573-605.
  • Assignment Due Friday 13 April: Blog Posts 8 & 9: Field Observations (Formally BP 8 A+B)

Reading: Salomon, G. & Perkins, D. (2005) Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification With, Of and Through Technology

Gallery: Digital Stories

Introduction:  Distributed Cognition Exploration


Review: Publishing your Digital Story

  • Publish your digital story
  • How do I finish or download my video?
  • Elect YouTube as a video destination
  • Log in to YouTube >> click on your icon in the upper right corner >>select My Channel >> to upload your digital story to YouTube: select the upwards pointing and underlined arrow (fourth icon from the right on the tool bar).  Follow directions from there.