Week Five Agenda ED386 | ED586


Dalton, B. (2013). Multimodal Composition and the Common Core State Standards. Reading Teacher, 66(4), 333-339.

Ohler, J. (2013) Chapter 14: Media Grammar for Teachers.  Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin. pp. 226-244.

Introduction: BlogPost4


Mini lecture / Discussion: From Mobile Learning to Digital Storytelling

Workshop: Mobile Learning

Discussion 2: An Approach to Multimodal Literacy | Media Grammar for Teachers

  • Media Grammar Overview and Ohler’s perspective

Working in a small group, first review your assigned section of Media Grammar for Teachers and then watch the brief associated video. Working with the ideas in the section, produce a series of still images or a brief video that is a fair representation of the main concepts and prepare 3-4 minute presentation to explain them to your classmates.  media

  1. A Well Lit Picture
  2. Beware Visual Noise
  3. Framing the Subject
  4. Shooting Angles