Week Fourteen Agenda | ED386 ED586


  • Friday 28 April: Assignment Due: Distributed Cognition Exploration
  • Final Exam: Wednesday | 10 May | 6:00-7:50 Assignment Due in class:  TPACK Design (Spring 2017: Print copy of your TELE/TPACK design required)
  • Verification of Field Experiences (Blue Sheets) Candidates fill in this form at the conclusion of each school visit indicating the time spent at the school.
  • iPad Returns:  iOS: Understanding ‘Erase All Content and Settings’
  • Reading for week 15:  Harris, J., Hofer, M. Schmidt, D., Blanchard, M, Young, C., Grandgenett, N. and Van Olphen, M. (2010) “Grounded” Technology Integration: Instructional Planning Using Curriculum-Based Activity Type Taxonomies. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education. 18(4), 573-605.


Mishra, P. & Koehler, J. (2006). Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge. Teachers College Record108(6), 1017-1054. (Please prepare pp. 1017-1031).

Digital Stories: Assessment 2

Review Discussion: Distributed Cognition | Q & A

Discussion: TPACK Design

  1. The Broad Domain of Knowledge: Water (as an example)
    • Specific content for your TELE:  a difficult concept or idea for your students…
  2. Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge (TPACK) (Emphasized next week)
  3. Web and/or digital Resources
  4. Organization of the learning environment
  5. References

Resources about PCK for the Design of technologically enhanced learning experiences (TELEs)

  1. The Learning Activity Types Website | Helpful for choosing the right technology to help represent content.
  2. Protocols are pedagogical tools that support the design of learning environments and experiences.  They are tools to think with about the realization of specific learning outcomes, the sequencing of learning experiences and knowledge about our students:

DiscussionThe Learning Activity Types Website