Week Nine Agenda | ED386 ED586

Week Nine |  Digital Storytelling Workshop, Scripts & Storyboards, and Assessment

Wednesday | 22 March


Reading:  Ohler, J. (2013) Chapter 4: Assessing Digital Stories.  Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. Thousand Oaks, CA : Corwin. pp. 83-91.

Discussion 1: Digital Storytelling & Assessment

Small group activity: Digital Storytelling and Assessing “Media Grammar”

Workshop 1:  Audio for Digital Storytelling

Resource:  Free Sound from the Audio Commons


Discussion 2: Story Circle One – Script & Storyboard: 

Post to your weblog and link to your digital story web page, the script and storyboard for your digital story (300-400 words). Adjacent to or embedded within the script, detail the integration of modalities not limited to text, still images, video, and audio (sound effects and music).  From your script and storyboard, it should be evident how you intend to construct meaning within and across the modalities selected for your digital story. Reference page with more information about storyboards

Workshop 2: WeVideo: video production and editing (if time permits)