Week Nine Agenda

Week Nine Digital Storytelling

Part I | Digital Storytelling Voice-Over Narration, Storyboards & Workshop


Reading: please review last section on Audio: Ohler, J. (2013) Chapter 14: Media Grammar for Teachers.

Workshop:  WeVideo: video production and editing 

Review Discussion: Scripting & Storyboarding for Digital Storytelling

  • A few notes about scripting
    • Just short enough, but not any shorter
    • Including a scene, position yourself within the narrative
    • Focus on the narrative, use visuals, SFX and music to texture the narrative with context and description.
  • Storyboarding for Digital Storytelling   
  • Resources for storyboarding

Workshop:  Audio for Digital Storytelling

  • Sound Effects (SFX) and Free Sound from the Audio Commons
  • Recording and uploading your voice-over narration
    • Where is the mic?
    • How to hold the mic?
    • Where to do the recording?
    • How to upload a recording?
  • Sound editing workshop
    1. Log in to WeVideo and go to your practice edit.
    2. In video track, insert images of people having a conversation
    3. Record, upload and lay down voices for the conversation
    4. Make sure the voices are timed appropriately
    5. Lay down a music track
    6. Include a SFX (sound effect)
    7. Balance sound levels

Part II | Digital Storytelling


  • Reading for Week Eleven: (Wednesday 11 April)  Salomon, G. & Perkins, D. (2005) Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification With, Of and Through Technology
  • Tuesday 27 March / Wednesday 28 March |Assignment Due: (in class): Blog Post 7: Digital Storytelling Assessment Rubric

Review Discussion: Digital Storytelling & Assessment

  1. Story Circle 3/ Blog Post 7: Digital Storytelling Assessment Rubric Assignment Due 27 March (in class)
  2. Ohler, J. (2013) Chapter 4: Assessing Digital Stories.  Digital Storytelling in the Classroom. 
    1. why assess? In the era of accountability & ubiquitous technology
    2. what to assess — digital story assessment traits
    3. how to assess — do I need to make a rubric? Can I establish criteria and qualitatively discuss effectiveness?

Discussion:  Assignments Due: (in class):  BlogPost Six |  Script & Storyboard 

Open Workshop

Consult with me, use the WeVideo tutorials, refer to your notes, and you are welcome to collaborate with a partner, but create your video edits… (Be sure to save your edits, however, don’t finish/publish this exercise).