Week Six Agenda | ED386 ED586

Reading: Arola, K., Sheppard, J., Ball, C. (2014) Chapter 2: Analyzing Multimodal Projects. In: Writer/Designer : A Guide to Making Multimodal Projects. New York : Bedford/St. Martin’s. pp. 20-39.

Associated with the Arola, Sheppard, & Ball reading, please work through the online tutorialix visualizing composition.


  • Assignment Due Monday 27 February:BlogPost 4
  • Readings for 1 March: 
    • Demarest, A. (2015) Chapter 3: Personal Connections are the foundation of all learning. Place-based Curriculum Design. New York : Routledge.
    • Lambert, J. (2012) Chapter 5: Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling, Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community. (4th Edition). Routledge : New York, NY. pp. 53-69.

Gallery Mobile Learning

Discussion (set 1)

  1. The Rhetorical Situation of your Digital Story | Audience, Purpose, Context, Genre;
  2. A Few Design Choices | Alignment, Color, Contrast, Emphasis, Framing

Workshop: More Design Choices

Working as a pod, prepare to explain to your classmates the significance of one of these four design choices.  Step one is to go through that part of the online tutorial, ix visualizing composition that pertains to your assigned element.

  • Element
  • Organization
  • Proximity
  • Sequence

Break (Take LINO to  Malboro Country)

Discussion (set 2)

Workshop: BlogPost 4