Week Thirteen Agenda | ED386 ED586


  • Digital Story Assessment due ASAP
  • Friday 21 April Assignment Due: Blog Post 8: Field Observations A+B
  • Final Exam: Wednesday | 10 May | 6:00-7:50 Assignment Due in class:  TPACK Design (Spring 2017: Print copy of your TELE/TPACK design required)

Reading: Martin, L. (2012). Connection, Translation, Off-Loading, and Monitoring: A Framework for Characterizing the Pedagogical Functions of Educational Technologies. Technology, Knowledge & Learning17(3), 87-107. (part 1: pp.87-96, end of section 2).

Digital Story Gallery II & Assessment 1

Discussion1: Review Effects OfEffects With Technology

Discussion2: Distributed Cognition | Pedagogical Functions of Educational Technologies : Connecting | Translating | Off-Loading | Monitoring

Distributed Cognition

  • DC and the Four Pedagogical Functions
  • DC Cases to Analyze

Case Study1:  Exploring Emigration: Maps & Migration : Using maps and technology to explore geography /Grades 6-8, Social Studies

Case Study2:

Discussion3: Exploration Introduction: TPACK