WikiNotes Project

[Note: easy to make a shared Goggle Doc for each day of notes.  It can be linked here and ten again on the calendar. This is in lieu of the actual wiki. Also, there will be assigned roles: Note taker, Resource linker, and Connector to other learning]

For at least two class periods, you are required to take notes for our class learning community.  Notes are to be as thorough and as accurate as possible. You are encouraged to confer with me and/or with other members of our learning community before during and/or after your note writing process. This project offers each student an opportunity to contribute to the success of the broader learning community. There will be a sign up process early in the semester.

Your notes will be posted to the ED386 Wiki. Notes are due before the next class session. 

I created a wiki page for each wiki notes project session: WikiNotes Project 1-12.  Please use the page that corresponds to your assigned date for note taking. Also, please include a link to your page of notes in the side bar. The link name should reflect the date and theme of the notes.

To further the development of your notes, you are welcome to include support materials and resources such as links to websites, embedded infographics, images and/or videos. Each class session addresses a different topic, theme or author so, when it’s your turn to take notes, please rename your page based on the central topic or theme you identify while developing your notes. (For web development, it’s best practice to create one-word names or names with no spacing between words). Additionally, you will need to create a hyperlink to your notes from the wiki’s Sidebar. The name of your page and the name of the hyperlink are to be the same. Further, it will help other students even more if you tag the notes that you publish.  This will create a searchable index or tag cloud.

Additionally, even when it is not your turn to take notes, you are invited to add information, analysis or opinion to any page of notes in the comments section. If warranted, you will earn extra credit for your thoughtful and relevant additions to the WikiNotes Project. You might also include links to further resources that you find helpful or supportive.

This is a new assignment and I welcome your thoughtful feedback throughout the semester as its development is ongoing.

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