Design & Rhetoric of Multimodal Compositions

Designing Multimodal Compositions

Rhetorical Analysis of Multimodal Texts

Choose two examples of multimodal texts to analyze that are appropriate for, or representative of, the types of multimodal texts that you could expect your students to be reading.  Be sure that at least one of the texts is videographic. 

Perform a rhetorical analysis of the texts, whereby you describe each text’s author, purpose, audience, genre, and context, and explain how different design choices are used to meet the demands of the rhetorical situation. When describing design choices, refer to the following design principles: Color, Contrast, Emphasis, Framing, Element, Organization, Proximity, and Sequence. 

Post your rhetorical analysis to your blog and link it to AND from the Digital Storytelling page of your ED386 Website. 

Instructions for accessing the IX tutorial are available HERE.

This reading also covers much of the information needed for this blog assignment:

Arola, K., Sheppard, and J. Ball, C.E. (2014) Writer/designer : a guide to making multimodal projects. Boston : Bedford/St. Martins. Chapter 2: Analyzing Multimodal Projects. pp. 20-39.

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