From an Idea or a Concept to Technological, Pedagogical Content, Knowledge

Working in a small group…

1. Reflection and Analysis of the Design Process

Discuss the pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) of the classes in which you have been observing. Together, work backwards to the very idea. How was an idea, something to be understood by your students, transformed by your cooperating teacher first into developmentally appropriate content knowledge, and then into a representation(s) designed to be learnedCartoon - Discipline Specific Pedagogy? by the students? How was the significance of what your students already know, of their prior knowledge, taken into consideration? How was this content knowledge set into motion, made into pedagogical content knowledge? How do a series of slides, a Prezi, become a lecture and why? How is a first person video game transformed into a small group learning experience? How does an interactive graphic become an individual learning experience?

2. Discuss the Following

Identify an idea or a concept to work with. Then, demonstrate the transformation, the design, of this idea or a concept into a learning experience. How are all the aspects of TPACK — technological pedagogical content knowledge — integrated into this design?

Transform the idea or a concept into developmentally appropriate content knowledge (CK) designed for students to learn? Consider this idea at a level that is appropriate for young children, for middle schoolers, and then again for high school students. When does an idea become content knowledge? Choose to work with one of these.  

What is pedagogical knowledge (PK)? While it is broader than the art or craft of teaching or the design of a learning experience (because it also includes assessment, classroom management, cultural knowledge of our students, and so forth) focus on the craft and design of learning experiences such as the creation of a lecture, a discussion, or activity centers. Also consider your students and the strengths and weaknesses of their prior knowledge.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.04.08 PM

How will you combine your content knowledge with your pedagogical knowledge to produce pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), a learning experience, a series of learning experiences, a lesson, or a unit of study?

What learning activity types (LATs), in what particular order, sequence or configuration, can be used to advance the learning of your students?

Consider different representations of the content knowledge, such as a video game, a powerful interactive, a chapter in a textbook. Compare and contrast different representations of the same concept or idea in a range of mediated forms. What are the affordances of each representation? More importantly, how could these affordances be leveraged to advance the learning of your students through their integration into specific  learning activity types?

3. Designing a TELE — A Technologically Enhanced Learning Experience

Organize your design into the following sections:

  1. Introduction 
  2. Student Misconceptions and Concept Difficulty
  3. Web and/or digital Resources
  4. Instruction
  5. Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge (TPACK)

4. Present Your Design

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