TPACK Design

TPACK design |1. Introduction | 2. Misconceptions & Difficulties | 3. Digital Resources |4. Instruction | 5. TPACK Context |  Assessment Rubric

Assignment due at the time of the scheduled final exam 

Design a technologically enhanced learning experience* (TELE)  3103592_orig

Design a technologically enhanced learning experience (TELE) based on your emergent technological, pedagogical content knowledge of the students, available technologies and the learning environment.

Create six (6) sections for your project:

  1. Introduction 1x
  2. Student Misconceptions and Concept Difficulty 1x
  3. Web and/or digital Resources 1x
  4. Instruction 3x
  5. Technological, Pedagogical, Content Knowledge (TPACK) 5x
  6. References

* For this Exploration, your TELE = 1 Lesson. [In general, a learning experience is a basic unit such as a lesson or a unit that is to treat a topic or a subject for a unique group of students in a unique place.] 

+1500 words published to the TPACK page of your website  

Selected TPACK Readings and Resources

Selected Formative Assessment Readings & Resources

TPACK – Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

The Learning Activity Types Web Site

This video discusses using the TPACK model to integrate technology in teaching

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.57.21 PM

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