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Design and Produce a Mobile Learning Application (Overview) 

As the teacher, what would be realistic to design and build tonight, introduce in class tomorrow, so your students could use it after class to better prepare for class the following day?

Create an interactive mobile learning (mLearning) application with WordPress intentionally designed to scaffold the immediate learning needs of your students.

(Always include a bibliography/reference section for this and every assignment for ED386)

Imagine your students are using an iPad/tablet PC or their smartphones to interact with the App that you have built just in time, just for them.  The App you build is designed to scaffold one maybe two lessons.  It is designed to support student understanding of today’s or tomorrow’s lesson.  By design, this and all mobile learning Apps are limited in scope. screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-8-55-40-am

Identify a topic that your students (or those who you are currently observing) are studying right now. Further, identify what is difficult or challenging to your students about this topic? Perhaps it is a single concept, idea, a system, the meaning and/or pronunciation of a series of vocabulary words; or maybe it is the application of a certain formula? Consider what is particularly challenging about this topic. Are there difficult vocabulary words or concepts? Is there a need for some background information, perhaps a time-line or an info-graphic? Do the students need to better comprehend an algorithm or some other type of formula?

How can you use WordPress, a cell phone or tablet, and the Internet to design a just-in-time mobile learning experience for your students?

For your Mobile App, forge (make and find) a series of mobile learning experiences (see specifications below) designed to help your students better understand the topic. Design your interactive M-learning application to scaffold or otherwise augment the immediate learning needs of your students.

OverviewDirections  Specifications | Discussion | Resources | Readings | Assessment Rubric



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